Mockingjay is the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I haven’t reviewed the first book because I wasn’t reviewing at the time I read it, but you can find millions of reviews on Goodreads. That being said there are spoilers to the first two books in this review!

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
Published: 2010
Format: Hardback
Source: Borrowed
If you’re coming directly into this book from the last, Catching Fire, you’re a little confused and completely hyped up. This book doesn’t slow down too much from the ending of the last. It’s nothing compared to the arena, but it remains interesting. I really enjoyed this as the finale and I was, mostly, happy with the direction Ms. Collins chose to take her trilogy.
Katniss Everdeen has survived the arena, not once, but twice. But going in, she couldn’t have known how far reaching the rebellion she sparked was. Saved form the arena during her second Hunger Games, Katniss is pulled into District 13, the center for the rebellion against the Capitol. She’s accompanied by a few other victors, some friends from home, her family, and Haymitch. But Peeta was left in the arena and in now being held captive in the Capitol! Katniss has a decision to make and many things to learn.
With this book, I didn’t feel the initial slow, dragging feeling I did with the beginning of the second book. This one comes nicely directly out of Catching Fire. It picks up a time after Katniss is pulled from the arena, but not too long. She’s still struggling with her injuries and confusion. A bit after that, action picks up, but nothing to rival the action in the arena. This book is, largely, about the people in the districts and about the rebellion, not so much the war. There are a few nice “war” scenes, so that’s something I liked.
The characters in this book are lovely continuations of their previous selves. I adore the development of Finnick and getting to see him and Annie. Peeta in this book, I thought, was unlikable (all be it with good reason…). I’m not a big fan of Gale, but he, eventually, turned out a bit better. Katniss, herself, is still interesting. I don’t like the way her character is taken in the end, but I’ll handle that issue in another post.
Despite how much I disliked the epilogue, I give this a 4 star review. The plot continued wonderfully. The characters developed interestingly. The writing was wonderful, as always. If you enjoyed the first two books, I can’t see how you’d not want to finish the series! It’s a wonderful end, if you ignore the painful epilogue.

How did you like the finale of this trilogy? What did you think of Peeta’s character in this one? Do you think this book provided the ending the trilogy deserved?