Month: January 2015

Bookish // Reading Trends

read what you love

I have always been an advocate for diversifying what you read. I often find myself drawn to different types of books during different times for just no reason. I also have been known to read different types of books all at the same time.

What I read:

  • YA Fantasy
  • Travel Literature
  • Memoirs
  • Self-Help
  • Classics
  • Cultural Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Best Sellers
  • Self-Published Works
  • Nonfiction – Writing
  • Nonfiction – Language
  • Political Theory
  • Middle-Grade Fantasy

And those are just the ones I can see from my current seat. While keeping up with blogging and YouTube for a while, I found myself worried about what kind of reading I was doing. Did my readers/viewers like my YA Fantasy reviews since that’s all I’d really done? Because of this thought I was worried when my tastes shifted and suddenly 17 year old Carly’s troubles with her werewolf boyfriend didn’t matter to me anymore (a few months later, however, I would have died for this to be a book). I didn’t, however, feel free to review other types of novels and, thus, wouldn’t let myself read them and, thus, stopped reading all together. Silly of me, yes, but it’s true.

Now I’m taking this blog and my life on a much more personal journey. I’m reading what appeals to me at the moment and in whatever format I feel the need to seek it in, and I would highly suggest you do the same!

Currently Reading:


wanderlust                                          Aka 1

Wanderlust by Elizabeth Eaves                                            Also Known As by Robin Benway
(Audiobook)                                                                               (Nook)
Audible // Amazon // Goodreads                                           Audible // Amazon // Goodreads

What reading trends have you gone through recently?

Someone Else Loves What You Love

Airplane View

AMI, the Alliance Management Institute through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, is a conference for nonprofit professionals and students entering the nonprofit world to network and learn from each other. For someone so interested and involved in the nonprofit sector in my area, what could be more amazing. You, however, might not find nonprofit administration and social issues the most interesting topic in the world. Maybe you prefer to think about and enjoy discussing classic literature. There’s something magical there.

Here at AMI, I’ve found over 500 people who love the nonprofit sector and working towards correcting/bettering social problems. I’ve found people who are very interested in my thoughts and ideas about foster care, my theories on program planning, and my near obsession with volunteer and donor engagement. But here’s the magical thing I think you need to know: Whatever it is you love, someone else loves it too and would love to discuss and explore it with you.

Side Note: This post was originally titled “Wrapping Up Salt Lake City.” I planned to give you a run-down of what I ate, what I did, where I shopped, where I stayed, and show a ton of pictures. However, I felt this lesson that I learned was more important. I will, however, share some photos from the trip throughout because why not? So let’s do this.


Traveling as an Introvert

Traveling as an Introvert
Photo Credit : Saky1996 @ Deviantart

When this post goes live, my Salt Lake City adventure will have already come to a close and I will be on a plane headed to Houston. Despite the fact that I haven’t yet left for SLC, I can already tell you that by Wednesday morning I am exhausted and ready for a relaxing, quiet, plane trip. No one in my life would ever argue the fact that I am an introvert, but that never gets in the way of my travel and adventures. In truth, I think my introvertedness enhances the experience for me!