Heartbroken and wallowing in her sorrow, Leigh just wants the cute new boy at the party to leave her alone. Enter: The perfect answer. “I have a girlfriend.” It’s a lie, but surely it’ll do the trick. Except it doesn’t, and now she’s caught in a lie bigger than she intended.

Autumn is happy to be back at school. Sure she’d lied to her family over winter break about finally having a real relationship, but whatever it takes to get the tía constantly questioning the validity of her sexuality off her back. She’ll just make up a fake breakup next time she goes home.

Sorority sisters help each other out, even when it means crafting an intricate lie, tricking the entire school into believing it, and questioning their own feelings. That’s what sisters are for.


The change was supposed to be good. That’s what Belisama told herself anyway. Going from Earth to her home planet of Marselai with her twin sister, reuniting with their mother, and, most importantly, not having to hide the fact that she was a witch was supposed to be exciting. Except that none of it goes how it was supposed to. There are still secrets, there will always be secrets, but now Bel must hide a big one from her own sister. She’s in love, but when her sister goes missing, Bel takes it upon herself to jump feet first into the world of the elite witches who run the planet and into the middle of an all-out religious war.