My Convoluted Degree Path

AKA: A Case Study in Mental Health and Traditional Post-Secondary Education I have been officially enrolled in university for 12 non-consecutive semesters. I spent two years, four semesters, as a private liberal arts college where I went through 4 different majors. I then transferred to a local “community college” where I did four more semesters …

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Why I Will Always be a Pantser

In the writing world there is a commonly discussed divide among writers. There are “pantsers” and “plotters.”   Pantsers and plotters are both valid writers with valid processes and valid struggles. Some people will forever argue that one is better than the other, that plotters are too rigid and pantsers are too free flowing, but …

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Post-Degree TBR

An interesting thing they don’t tell you about pursuing a degree in English is that, despite the love of reading that probably drew you to the degree, you will have very little time for actual reading. This becomes even truer the closer to graduation you get! I’ll be finishing my degree in March 2019, just …

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