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Currently Reading // 4.22.16

Confronting the Classics

Confronting the Classics
Mary Beard
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I bought this book on the recommendation of Jean/BookishThoughts. I love her reviews so I thought I’d take the leap and try one of the nonfiction books she recommends about Classics.

So far I’ve only read the Introduction. It took me about a week to actually get through. It’s very dense and the writing is definitely academic. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. I’m definitely going to push through the next chapters and challenge my normal, casual reading style.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

[Audio]Book Review: Wanderlust


If you follow me on Twitter or Goodreads you may remember that I read this book once. Back in January. And by read, I mean listened to the audiobook on Audible. And I loved it.

Over all, I really enjoyed this book and it sparked my desire to read more travelogues (and push through my aching legs at the gym to finish a chapter). This book got a lot of flack on Goodreads reviews for being very self-involved and “sexual.” Once reviewer says, “This book is all about this woman’s sexual conquest on five continents-and nothing more.” I will admit, this book does discuss some sexual happenings in the life of a young woman traveling the world for a large portion of her life. If anyone tries to tell me that sexual experiences do not contribute to your personal growth and journey, you are clearly lying, naive, or both.

Yes, the main character is, in fact, self-involved in the book, but it’s a book about her growth, her journey, and her life. It doesn’t ever claim to be about other cultures or travel tips. It clearly states that it is “A Love Affair with Five Continents” and I think the book clearly shows Eaves’s love of the continents she visits and the act of traveling. This book is Elisabeth Eaves’s story of her own growth through travel. If it weren’t honest it wouldn’t be good.

I love the blunt, to the point, unashamed writing style. I love the honesty and the admittance of mistakes. I love that this book makes it abundantly clear that both good and back experiences change you, that life throws you beautiful, scary curveballs. And that living your life is okay. It’s okay and normal to regret decisions, wish things had gone differently in circumstances, be happy in the moment, and move on when things don’t work out, and you can do many of these things at the same time.

This book, to me, is not about travel, it is about life and growth.

Bookish // Reading Trends

read what you love

I have always been an advocate for diversifying what you read. I often find myself drawn to different types of books during different times for just no reason. I also have been known to read different types of books all at the same time.

What I read:

  • YA Fantasy
  • Travel Literature
  • Memoirs
  • Self-Help
  • Classics
  • Cultural Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Best Sellers
  • Self-Published Works
  • Nonfiction – Writing
  • Nonfiction – Language
  • Political Theory
  • Middle-Grade Fantasy

And those are just the ones I can see from my current seat. While keeping up with blogging and YouTube for a while, I found myself worried about what kind of reading I was doing. Did my readers/viewers like my YA Fantasy reviews since that’s all I’d really done? Because of this thought I was worried when my tastes shifted and suddenly 17 year old Carly’s troubles with her werewolf boyfriend didn’t matter to me anymore (a few months later, however, I would have died for this to be a book). I didn’t, however, feel free to review other types of novels and, thus, wouldn’t let myself read them and, thus, stopped reading all together. Silly of me, yes, but it’s true.

Now I’m taking this blog and my life on a much more personal journey. I’m reading what appeals to me at the moment and in whatever format I feel the need to seek it in, and I would highly suggest you do the same!

Currently Reading:


wanderlust                                          Aka 1

Wanderlust by Elizabeth Eaves                                            Also Known As by Robin Benway
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What reading trends have you gone through recently?

Let’s Talk: Reading Slumps

Today is the last day of my first week back at school. Last week, however, was the Bout of Books 11.0, as many of you may already know. I posted my TBR for the week and finished a whopping 24 pages of A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan and an amazing 30 minutes of the Stardust audiobook. Over the entire summer, I read a total of 2 books and started somewhere around 15 books. It’s official, I’m in a reading slump.