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NaNoWriMo: Priorities

NaNoWriMo for me this year is much different than the last time I did it in 2012. Not only have I changed my ‘rules’ for this year but I’m also taking this month as an opportunity to train myself into being a writer worthy of the career I hope to have one day. To do that, I’ve made myself a list of my priorities, not just for this month but for the foreseeable future.

  1. My Marriage – My #1 priority is always my marriage. I’m lucky that we don’t tend to have many issues or disagreements but I definitely do have to work hard to not take what we have for granted. My husband is my biggest fan and supporter and comfort in this world and he deserves more time and effort than anything else in my life.
  2. My Mental Health – Like so many I struggle with my mental health. I have bouts of depression, compulsive tendencies, and severe anxiety. But those are things I can work through, push through. They cannot control my life and I have to take care of myself if I’m going to reach my goals.
  3. My Writing Career – This is a big focus for me, especially in the month of November. I’m working to better my writing ability, upkeep this blog, grow a platform, and dedicate myself to making this far off dream a reality.
  4. My Social Life – My friends understand how important my marriage and my writing are to me. They also understand the mental health struggles I have and help push me to overcome them and live my life. I’ll admit, likely because friends fall as my #3 priority, I don’t have many, but the ones I do have are the most kind, caring, inspiring people I know.
  5. My Retail Career – While I wait for my writing career to take off, I’m working in a department store and I absolutely love it. I love customer service and I love visual merchandising. This job pays the bills and, though I don’t enjoy it as much as writing, offers me the opportunity for advancement with the company.

All of my priorities are somewhat reliant on each other. Striving to build a writing career helps with my mental health, keeping my mental health in check makes my marriage more successful, my friends encourage me stick to all my other priorities, and my retail career funds my ability to prioritize the others.

For me, setting these priorities and writing them down in my writing journal has really helped me focus on what’s important. It’s helped me see that if I want to have all the things I dream of, I have to push myself and limit my extra curriculars.

What are your top priorities and how do you remind yourself of them daily?

Coming Home

Long time no see! Is anyone really surprised I lost track of time, again? Anyway…


My time with Disney ended on July 4th, 2016. I decided to come home and be with my husband and my cat and my Louisiana friends again. It was a difficult decision to be sure, but I’m glad I’m back home. I’m now working on so many different things and I couldn’t be happier.

In a little over 2 weeks we will finally be moving to a better neighborhood and nicer apartment with my best friend, Rhea. I’m currently working at the department store again, in a different department, and not hating it. I’m also rewriting my book. My first ever, honest to goodness attempt at editing and modifying and fixing the world inside my head.

Things are good.

And, hopefully, I’ll be back here again. Writing, reviewing, making lists. I’m not entirely sure how consistent I’ll be with all work and writing and a couple of more secret projects I’m working on, but I’m going to try to be here some.

That’s all I have. Nothing well thought out or planned, but I wanted to give a little hello. Now, It’s time to pack!

Where I am in 2016

It seems like every time I turn around life has already changed and I’m running head first into a new adventure with little plan for once I get there. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Couple Holding hands in front of pink flowers

Earlier I was thinking about it, I’m always relaunching something be it my YouTube or my writing career or this blog. I’ve come to and gone away from blogging so many times in my life. Each time I’ve been in different places, often physically in a different place but even more so in mentally and emotionally different places. It only seems appropriate to jump back in to blogging with sharing where I am now, in April of 2016.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Physically I’m currently in Orlando, Florida. I live with three roommates near Walt Disney World and have the privilege of working there five days a week as part of the Disney College Program. My husband is back home in Shreveport, Louisiana. We’ve been married for one interesting, difficult, wonderful, bizarre year.

Rae Davis on Main Street USA

Emotionally and mentally, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a better place. In the past several months I’ve cut ties with toxic people, rekindled relationships with those I’d grown apart from, and made some wonderful friends. I’ve obviously gotten married, moved 14 hours away, and started working at a job I love. My anxiety is present but I’m handling it and doing more living than I’ve ever done before.

This year my goal is to write things I want to write, get to know my wonderful new home (Disney & the Orlando area), and get to know myself a little more every day.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Someone Else Loves What You Love

Airplane View

AMI, the Alliance Management Institute through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, is a conference for nonprofit professionals and students entering the nonprofit world to network and learn from each other. For someone so interested and involved in the nonprofit sector in my area, what could be more amazing. You, however, might not find nonprofit administration and social issues the most interesting topic in the world. Maybe you prefer to think about and enjoy discussing classic literature. There’s something magical there.

Here at AMI, I’ve found over 500 people who love the nonprofit sector and working towards correcting/bettering social problems. I’ve found people who are very interested in my thoughts and ideas about foster care, my theories on program planning, and my near obsession with volunteer and donor engagement. But here’s the magical thing I think you need to know: Whatever it is you love, someone else loves it too and would love to discuss and explore it with you.

Side Note: This post was originally titled “Wrapping Up Salt Lake City.” I planned to give you a run-down of what I ate, what I did, where I shopped, where I stayed, and show a ton of pictures. However, I felt this lesson that I learned was more important. I will, however, share some photos from the trip throughout because why not? So let’s do this.